28 February 2010

Another Fave from Burberry Prorsum Show...

Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Hudson, and Kristen Stewart at Burberry Prorsum. Love. Them. All.
From focusonstlye.

I Want it All...

I'm sure we have all checked up on the recent London Fashion Week, and therefore the much awaited Burberry Prorsum... and if you haven't, here are a few of my favorites looks. Like a ton of lines that hit the runway, the military-inspired look was dominant, but I also love the studding (on that awesome purse) and the furs. I am already a little tired of EVERY line been so militant-focal, but I'll let it pass with Prorsum. I want this trenchcoat!

26 February 2010


I love Ke$ha... Here she is performing at a talent show at thirteen with her friends, better known then as just Kesha Sebert. Who would have thought then that she would be a chart-topping fashionista?

From thelovelybones.

25 February 2010

Start Off the Day Right

Today has already begun wonderfully. Let's start with a little inspiration. Makes me want the zebra sweater I've been eyeingg... its cute and classy.
Hope your day is as good as mine, despite the pouring rain (or snow, wherever you are. I wish it was snow!)
Freja Behaerichsen for Vogue Nippon, from weheartit.

22 February 2010

In Sequence

From NYLON and leblogdesushi. Love.

21 February 2010

Everybody Loves Alexa

From knightcat, tfs, and knightcat x5.

20 February 2010

Year of the Vampire

It's undeniable, 2009 was quite bitten--I mean smitten oops. (That was a terrriiblee joke, I am aware.)
From fuckyeahfashionhoe.

Some People are Birds, Others Don't Need to Fly Away

She's so gorgeous. My fave is the last one!
Miranda Kerr from bp, justjared, teamsugar, and tfs.

18 February 2010

I'm All Strung Up My Heart is Fried

From wildfoxcouture, lagarconnee and coggles.

16 February 2010


Literally in love with this photo from Sartorialist. It was snowing worse here, but no one is wearing Louboutins.

Let the Sun Shine

Ironic, seeing as it is absolutely blizzarding outside here.

From littleplastichorses, papertissue, weheartit, studdedhearts, knightcat, glamorouslittlesideproject, fuckyeahfashionhoe, electric x2, and dripbook.

15 February 2010

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day (a day late--oops! I was busy visiting home) The weather is absolutely gorgeous here, I feel like I'll be posting some sunny pics later just because!
From weheartit.

12 February 2010

What A Stud

From theelectric, cobrasnake, and weheartit. Happy Friday!!