29 July 2010


I'm going away for a few days on a mini vacation. No where tropical or anything, just up north a bit. I'll be doing some summering... kayacking, reading, running, and relaxing. Looking forward to it, definitely!
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27 July 2010

Fringe Benefits

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From fuckyeahskinnybitch. May have posted one of these before, but I love 'em.

25 July 2010

I Would Like Everything, Please

Click here: J Crew
I can't figure out how I just put the video on here.. but I want everything, especially the shoes.

24 July 2010


Light and flowy fabrics allow for sleeves in the summer, though after kayacking in the heat I don't even want to think about clothing. AND THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Because I love clothing.
These are from karlascloset and the photographer from lacelatobella, two of my favorite blogs! The first is one I aspire to, the second is the awesome photography of my bestfriend, though I have mentioned this before I believe. (The photo of her is personal though, not from her page.)

23 July 2010

We Just Can't Wait

Chloe Bello for FW 2010 Delaostia via studdedhearts. She is so gorgeous.

21 July 2010

Summertime Blacks

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20 July 2010


I have a MAJOR blog crush: http://freshvodkalatte.blogspot.com/ and I will definitely be reblogging mad pictures from there. OH! And thank you new followers.

16 July 2010

Like Broken Glass Reflecting Pieces of the Sun

Emma Pratte Photography. She makes even me look decent :) http://snapshotsandsonglyrics.blogspot.com/

All Natural

New meaning of natural hair.
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12 July 2010


Just because she has been bumpin' in the news.
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July Four

Oh, Americana the beautiful.

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