31 January 2010

Hungry Like the Wolf

Wishing I had all of these to bundle up in... it is way too cold here. The BX was fun last night! I wish I lived in NY even though I am so close at school.
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29 January 2010

Happy Friday

Cindy Crawford from lefashion. Obssessed with this picturee. Fun filled night here and then NY for the rest of the weekend! Have fun kiddos, behave well!

Currently Channeling: Native Culture

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26 January 2010

Wild Thing

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25 January 2010

Stack 'em High

Loving stacked and stacked and stacked bracelets.
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Tshirt Talk

Rated Tee for 'graphic' content.

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24 January 2010

Sister Sister

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22 January 2010


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Oh yes, tgif!!

21 January 2010

Pencey Please

Pencey Holiday 2009, still delicious.

Wish Spring Was Sooner

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