28 June 2010

See Through the Sunlight

Dree Hemingway in neon yellow Valentino from a little while back. Via lefashion.

26 June 2010

Shimmer and Fade

Sasha Pivovarova by Mark Segal for Elle Russia, August 2009 via aglamorouslittlesideproject. Love her sparkles in the second and fourth pictures!

22 June 2010

While They Sleep We Rule the Streets

Dree Hemingway photographed by Elle von Unwerth for Vogue China 2010. I just saw these on studdedhearts and had to reblog. Loveee them.

Sweeping Through the City

So, for my birthday, my daddy got me a new camera and I love it. This is me and my friends going to the wonderful dinner they took me toooo....Just ignore our silly faces in these, but enjoy our outfitssss. Hope I get to go back before the end of the summer. I will tell you that I feel like a champ for wearing heels all the way to dinner and back... I only tripped once

21 June 2010


Sorry again for another absense from here, I went on a trip to New York for my birthday the other day! I had soo much fun though, I absolutely love the city and I am really lucky that one of my best friends live so close to it. We dressed up and dined on ninth ave anddd it was fabulous. I have many posts coming shortly!

I might add a couple photes to this just so you can see what we wore/ what went downnn. Kayloveee.

11 June 2010

California Girl

She's gorgeous, and these pictures are phenomenalll.
From hedislimanediary.

10 June 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty

Cats go meow miu miu meow.
From alicepoint, natashassoiree, becauseimaddicted and natashassoiree.

04 June 2010

All Along the Western Front

I love theseeee... from knightcat via stonecoldfox.
Now listening to MGMT on repeat. Just feel like letting the world know.


L.A. lovebirds Rachel Pally and Kevin Circota have created this super transitional and easy-going his-n-her line, Girlfriend/Boyfriend.
I think I just like the sunny pictures in the shoot, I'm sure the clothes will be way over-priced for jersey and flannel. Don't quote me though.
From refinery29.
Listening to Lay Me Down (ft. Rome) by The Dirty Heads ON REPEAT. And procrastinating cleaning :x But! It's Friday! Happy weekendddd.

02 June 2010

Puppy Love

Swedish Elle, September 2009. From aglamorouslittlesideproject.