31 May 2010

College Fashionista

Hello kittens, my friend (Kellen: see her blog) featured me on Amy Lanvin's blog, college fashionista.
Check it out HERE.

30 May 2010

Glam Grunge

I dressed like Ke$ha today, and felt wonderful. So effortlessly cool and messy-chic. These pictures are really similarrrr... Chloe Bello for Delaostia.

From studdedhearts.

29 May 2010

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Lovin' of the blog.

28 May 2010


Happy Memorial Dayyyy.
From knightcat.

Race Car Red

Some serious red, and other pictures. From jak&jil x3, dirtyglam, lefashion, knightcat and jjjjound.

25 May 2010

Doll Face

Abbey Lee Kershaw from modellove. Honestly, I didn't used to think she was that gorgeous, but in recent ads and editorials I have thought better. Plus I liked these close-ups. Hope you're all enjoying the heattttt, I am dying but too lazy to put in my fan.

23 May 2010

Love Train

Ican'tmovemybody, I hiked 19 miles yesterday. But it was gorgeous, along past railroad tracks. Oh, New Hampshire.
These are from: dirtylittlestylewhore, theelectric x3, fuckyeahfashionhoe, theelectric, and weheartit.

20 May 2010

Behind the Times

Finally (I'm a little late--whatever, better than never) I'm putting up a few favorite/random Coachella pictures.
Went to the beach today, the sun was toasty! I'm a little crispy on my back because I fell asleep, but otherwise it was so fun. I missed my friends while I was at school. Anywayyy...
From NYLONx6 and cobrasnake.

19 May 2010

Romper Room

From 4thandbleeker.

15 May 2010

Summering Begins

From H&M, just a few wish list items. Yay for being done freshman year!

10 May 2010

Going Green

Still loving the Balmain dresses when i see them, simply because I know I'll never get to own oneee. Two more finals, then I'll be home... I probably won't post until then but it is just til Friday! Lovee.
From paperbag.

06 May 2010


From alivealivealive, lefashion, and bohemianmusings.

02 May 2010


Hello Zara May 2010... I want every item, especially that romper. Via knightcat.