29 April 2010

Necklace Overload

It's all I have been wanting to buy lately (aside from the normal.) Jewelry. And these pieces from Anthropologie are making me droooool.
Vernal Festoon Necklace, Silk Moth Necklace, Oolite Necklace, Honorine Necklace, Gem Forest Bib Necklace, Ensis Clam Necklace, Double Torsade Necklace (I LOVE this one), Coastal Drift Necklace, Cardinal's Egg Necklace, Beach Bounty Necklace. Whew.

28 April 2010

Layer Cake

Looove the woman's jewelry in the first shot. When it is breezy but soo nice out here, layering is the only way to dress light but not get chilly. I love to layer jewelry and scarves, how about you? Layer it on babies!
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18 April 2010

Watch Your Heart When We're Together, Boys Like You Love Me Forever

The last one is my favorite... I love Lady Gaga. The lyrics in the title are from her song 'Boys, Boys, Boys.' I wish my hair would stay like this if I attempted to rock it!
I have been super busy (every blogger's excuse) but school i salmost out and I'll be all yours ;)
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08 April 2010

Long Blonde Hair

I don't mind being a brunette, but these girls have gorgeous hair.. I wish mine was that long!

It has been gorgeous out, gonna go get some more sun!
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04 April 2010

To the Sky

Just a few uplifting pictures :)

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Meow. Happy Easter!