29 March 2010

One is Lonely, Two is Company, Three is a Party

Sorry for the lapse in posting! Hope everyone had a wonderful week last week. These lovely ladies are from obsessionmia, weheartit, walkofshameblogg x2, waytoostudded, littleplastichorses, megkroeker(flickr), artpixie, walkofshameblogg, and weheartit. Enjoy!

I have had a long week/end, and I am finally getting to post now... and I can't get pictures to load! Don't worry, I am working on it. Thank you to new followers!

22 March 2010

Think Pink

From fashionfever, fatedtopretend, hardtoexplain, lefashion, knightcat x2, and fatedtopretend. Wish I was blond, because I may even consider this, even though I don't like pink too much!

18 March 2010

Eyes Like a Shutter, Mind Like a Lens

It is getting warmer and warmer. I loveee it and all these florals.
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16 March 2010

Heart on Your Sleeve

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15 March 2010

14 March 2010


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12 March 2010

Fur Play

Chanel 2010... all ice and faux fur. The runways was inmported 'snice' (according to the New York Times) from Sweden.
Apparently the Chewbacca look is in. I don't mind fur, but maybe not for my pants? What do you think??
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Just left NH, I'm in MA now and it equally as gray. Here's a little spring pink to brighten your Friday. I went to Jay-Z last night, it was awesome. My ears are still ringing!!
Vivez la vie, c'est vendredi! Baisers :*
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10 March 2010

All the Gossip

Glad it restarted last Monday!! From weheartit x2, fuckyeahfashionhoe, and weheartit.

08 March 2010

Hey There, Cat Eyes

Just slept in until 1:30. Spreak break is glorious.
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