25 February 2010

Start Off the Day Right

Today has already begun wonderfully. Let's start with a little inspiration. Makes me want the zebra sweater I've been eyeingg... its cute and classy.
Hope your day is as good as mine, despite the pouring rain (or snow, wherever you are. I wish it was snow!)
Freja Behaerichsen for Vogue Nippon, from weheartit.


Brunella said...

Pouring rain indeed!
Make sure you post a picture of that zebra sweater, sounds like fun ;)!

Samantha said...

And then it turned into snow! Rain sleet and snow oh my....
haha I linked the sweater in the post if you click 'zebra sweater,' or you can find it on jcrew.com, the vintage zebra-stripe sweater. I lovee it.