02 August 2010

I'm Obsessed With the Second Picture..

I usually use the summer as an excuse to paint my nails ridiculously bright colors, but lately I have been wanting them something dark, so I finally painted my toes Brand New Skates by OPI. The nails are still Milani Totally 80s Neon right now though.. bright green. We'll see what I choose when I change them. Perhaps this sudden color lust has come from these gorgeous pictures of Bambi, and I love how Daria Werbowy looks here too. And the second picture.. I wish I was her for some reason.
I'm back from playing up north by the way, it was fun!
From cobrasnake, unknown, littleplastichorses, ilovewildfox x4 and refinery29.


www.lawyerwanna.be said...

black nail polish is a must have! xx

NickiLondon said...

I love OPI Brand New Skates! I have it too - love the sparkles.

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