12 March 2010

Fur Play

Chanel 2010... all ice and faux fur. The runways was inmported 'snice' (according to the New York Times) from Sweden.
Apparently the Chewbacca look is in. I don't mind fur, but maybe not for my pants? What do you think??
From famespy, fashionologie x2, dailymail, famespy, newyorktimes.


The Milliner said...

I was never a fan of the total look like everyone else I guess...I like that they used faux fur (although that really isn't news anymore)...and surprisingly, (faux or not fur is still fur and the last thing I'd consider buying after PVC leather and sequins)I do like some of the outfits (though indeed, not the trousers etc...)

Samantha said...

I suppose I can bear the fur (no pun intended)but I myself won't be putting on furry trousers. You're right though, some of the looks (like the skirt ensembles) weren't bad. I like sequins thoughh :x

CĂ©line KG. said...

Really...I love Karl, & Chanel but...This is not my things. Fur...EW! God. Faux or real, i really dislike that...
but the show was incredible, as usual...But I don't think that the ice was... Essential !

Thx For your comment & for the following.