22 March 2010

Think Pink

From fashionfever, fatedtopretend, hardtoexplain, lefashion, knightcat x2, and fatedtopretend. Wish I was blond, because I may even consider this, even though I don't like pink too much!


The Milliner said...

I love the face of the first model, and the picture before last is quite cute...about the being blond thing...yes but I think it could work pretty well with light chocolate brown hair, don't you?

Samantha said...

Hmm well thats what i have! Hahah I think I would still have to lighten the bits where I would make it pink... the summer is quickly approaching thoughh, it would be cool to do something different and fun!!
Thanks for reading :)

Melanie M said...

Gosh, that looks so cool! Now I'm considering dying a piece of my hair! :) Great blog, darlin'!


Samantha said...

Thanks :) I'll check you out and follow you doll

Ingrid (Garments and Gardens) said...

I want to do that to my hair, I am a brunette and for what I have seen in brunettes the color is blue, anyway I love this pictures and all of this girls look great!