08 April 2010

Long Blonde Hair

I don't mind being a brunette, but these girls have gorgeous hair.. I wish mine was that long!

It has been gorgeous out, gonna go get some more sun!
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Phoebe Rose said...

Carmen Kass looks beautiful!
Ha that's so funny my hairs blonde but I'm always desperate to go brunette!


Samantha said...

Haha it always works like that. my step-mom has long, thick, dark hari and she loves my light-brown baby hair. My ponytail= her pigtail haha. Thanks for commenting! I always check your blog :)

La Chapelière said...

Yay new post!
Aannd...is to clichéd if I go Hippy Fever? temptation was too great to resist,
anyhoo i looove the picture with the heart-shaped shades, and her lovely red lips
the picture under is also very cute, i love the shade of pink (very chic)!

Zouari said...

Je viens de découvrir ton blog, vraiment sympa toutes ses séries de photos !
Bonne continuation !


Zouari said...

Oh, maybe I have to translate my comments, sorry, it was in French.

I just discovered your blog ! And I love all this picture's series !

Well done and all the best !

Samantha said...

Oh! J'ai parlé un peu francais! But thank you for translating, and for commenting!

Walk The Sand said...

Me too..... wish my hair was even long enough to do a fish plait.