04 April 2010

To the Sky

Just a few uplifting pictures :)

From buttonsandblazers x2 [My friend Cait's blog!], fashionchalet x2, greysequins, littleplastichorses, papertissue, buttonsandblazers x2, and americanapparel/lookbook.

Meow. Happy Easter!


Cait said...

I'm glad you liked those picture... they were of course taken by emma thats why they are so good!

Emma said...

I love love love love how you post my pictures all the time. Love

Samantha said...

Emma, its cause they are soo good... I may suggest a few of your photos to another blog too ifyoudontminddd :)
Cait looks loverly in thesee

La Chapelière said...

I looove five and six...so festive and romantic ( i like the ceiling on sixth)

ps: thanks for joining MS Samantha


Glendy said...

What a beautiful set of images, they're so inspiring, you have a great eye for trends and details :)

Much love,
Glendy <3