29 April 2010

Necklace Overload

It's all I have been wanting to buy lately (aside from the normal.) Jewelry. And these pieces from Anthropologie are making me droooool.
Vernal Festoon Necklace, Silk Moth Necklace, Oolite Necklace, Honorine Necklace, Gem Forest Bib Necklace, Ensis Clam Necklace, Double Torsade Necklace (I LOVE this one), Coastal Drift Necklace, Cardinal's Egg Necklace, Beach Bounty Necklace. Whew.


La Chapelière said...

Oh God I want all of them! especially love the first ones, with the flowers and butterfly, and the one with multiple strands and the two big circles on the side...*sigh*

Samantha said...

The first ones are my fave too... and then I just kept saving more and more pictures cause they are so glorious. Too bad theyre all like 50 bucks and up. Nooope.

Phuong said...

beautiful ones, love it